Merkelbach makes finishes, polishes and touch-up products based on natural ingredients and time proven formulations.

Wooden floors: color with Water Stain, protect with Turpentine Wax, Verona, Water Protector or Safflower. We advise Liquid Turpentine Wax for ease of maintenance. Use Coromandel and Solid Turpentine Wax on your most beautiful or antique floors.

Wooden furniture: maintenance with wax, but especially with the exceptional Sprayshine and Kraska, coloring with Stains and finishing with Safflower. Real antiques? Take a look at the polishers.

Metalwork: special metal wax in three colors and microcrystalline wax liquid. Professionals choose metallic patina as a coloring.

Natural stone and marble: the fantastic Marble Wax, does not yellow, gives shine.

Leather: a strong Leather Cleaner, Leather Wax and Leather Balam. There are also leather patinas for professionals, who restore and color the leather.

Silicate or cemented floors: color and finish in one operation with Verona hard wax.